Stream Your Event

Stream your Event your Way

Stream your event using live broadcast or pre-recorded videos. Directly upload pre-recorded material for your sessions to Conference Tracker. Embed videos from other sources as your virtual sessions and make sessions available to view after the event.

Integrate with Streaming Platforms

Merge with any Streaming Platform to Customize your Event

Networking and Social Tools

Virtual and Hybrid Event Tools

Increase Audience Participation and Engagement


Watch the event from a phone with the attendee mobile app or from a laptop, computer, or tablet through the web portal. Encourage Q & A and comments in the session social feed.


Take questions, initiate polls, and encourage chatting on the social walls to increase engagement and increase event energy. Share presentations or other documents with session attendees.


Invite participants to play trivia games on the attendee mobile app.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Allow exhibitors to upload videos and profile data to be displayed and viewed within the Virtual Exhibit Hall.

Conference Browser

Share pertinent information about the event, session, and presenters with your Attendees and even highlight speakers and presenters through online bios and photos.

Conference Attendee

With the attendee app and web browser, you can now present an interactive session schedule.

Engagement Analytics

Track attendance

Track attendance automatically for all online attendees

See data from your Conference Tracker dashboard and pull reports of attendance logs. Even determine the highest and lowest attended sessions from attendance tracking data.

reports and analytics

Pull data on engagement reports and analytics 

Know if your audience is engaged and watching sessions even for virtual sessions. Pull data on attendee participation and send pulse checks to see if your audience is engaged during specific sessions.

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