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About AccuTraining

AccuTraining is an employee training administration tool that will help you create and assign training plans to employees. Employees will be able to log in to view their assigned tasks or training plans and register for training sessions. Administrators and staff can quickly add or upload training session schedules and then monitor training session registration.

Session attendance is quickly captured using our mobile device app by scanning training badges or your employee ID cards. AccuTraining provides easy-to-read reports for tracking training session attendance and employee progress toward company and career goals. Because AccuTraining is a cloud-based product, all of this can be managed on the go.

The AccuTraining Application

The AccuTraining mobile device app is designed to work with the AccuTraining cloud account. The iOS app will convert your Apple device into a portable employee training tracking device.

Simply scan the employee’s barcode with your Apple device’s camera or use an optional magnetic strip reader to record the attendance.


Our product streamlines the training management process with a suite of powerful, cloud-based features accessible from any internet browser. Designed for flexibility and efficiency, it offers customized and trackable training plans, customizable roles and permissions, and a seamless training session sign-in and out process. Administrators can easily import or manually enter employee records, group employees, assign training plans, and report on training session attendance. The platform also supports customizable terminology and application languages, along with the design and distribution of name badges and certificates. Moreover, it enables the export of attendance records to other systems, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive training management experience.

For administrators, our solution offers significant benefits by allowing them to monitor attendance for both mandatory and optional training sessions, maintain consistency across platforms via straightforward import/export capabilities, and simplify the entire training management process from registration to completion. It also empowers the delegation of various functions to team members, freeing up time for additional tasks and speeding up processes through the importation of training schedules from spreadsheets.

Employees, on the other hand, gain a centralized platform to view required training and tasks, see schedules, register for available sessions online, track their progress, view session attendance, and access training certificates quickly. This not only enhances their training experience but also supports their career advancement by providing all the necessary tools and information in one convenient location.

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