Engineerica AccuClass – Online Attendance Tracking System

Seamless Classroom Attendance Tracking

Effortlessly monitor student presence with advanced tracking features.

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What is AccuClass?

AccuClass offers many tools to help you efficiently track your classroom attendance. Click on the video to catch a glimpse of what it can do for you, and scroll down to view its top features and benefits.

The AccuClass app will transform your Apple or Android device into a portable class attendance recording device. Use the app to call the roll, or use the device’s built-in camera to read barcodes and scan in the students.

The Apple and Android apps both support the use of a magnetic card reader to swipe magnetic strip ID cards. The AccuClass app can also be used by students to self sign-in to the class, and also to answer quick poll questions. Click here to get an IOS Application. Click here to get an Android Application.


Unlock the full potential of classroom management with AccuClass’ cutting-edge features.

Multiple Data Capture

Diverse check-in options.

Cloud-Based Solution

Access anywhere, anytime.

Live Polls and Quizzes

Engage students in real-time.

Easy Data Export/Import

Simplify data management.

Custom Attendance Rules

Tailor to class needs.

Free Mobile App:

Attendance tracking on the go.

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