Lead Generation and Retrieval

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Add on the Leads mobile app and give your exhibitors what they want… more exposure, more value, more lead generation

Place your sponsors front-and-center on your event landing page and put lead generation and lead retrieval in the palm of your exhibitors’ hands with the leads mobile app.

Let exhibitors manage their company’s lead generation with the ability to see which representatives are generating leads, creating and logging answers to qualifying questions, downloading their own reports, and emailing lead lists to their representatives. Track lead generation as attendees navigate the conference, both virtually and on-site.


Advertising Opportunities

Put your content on the forefront of the event to create attraction

Advertise like Never Before

Create attraction by creating pop-up and banner ads for your exhibitors and play video ads from sponsors and partners before sessions.

Allow exhibitors to upload promotional content, videos, and documents. Even offer push-ads to your exhibitors that can be sent throughout the conference to attendees.


Sponsorship Packaging Options

Present Sponsorship Packages of Varying Values to Generate Revenue

Showcase your exhibitors in the Virtual Exhibit Hall

Present sponsored posts automatically on the social feed and allow vendors to present for allotted times in a session or their own sessions and collect the attendance data automatically. Give an allotment of social posts to exhibitors to be made throughout the event.


Appointment Scheduling

Empower Attendees and Exhibitors


All of the tools you need for your event

Provide appointment scheduling tools to attendees and exhibitors and allow them to connect before, during, and after the event. Offer Live Chat options and present your sponsors and exhibitors to attendees via customizable profiles.

Vendor Random Prize Drawings

Create fun incentives for potential leads.


Draw prospective clients in

Conference Tracker allows you to quickly create a raffle from your scanned leads and present an opportunity to draw prospective clients in with fun prizes!

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