Attendee Mobile App

Session Schedule

Eliminate the need for old-school printed paper programs and put the session schedule right at the attendee's fingertips through the web portal or attendee app.

Save the Planet

“Go Green” when you put the conference details at your participants’ fingertips and replace printed programs with the attendee mobile app.

Stream to Mobile Devices

Stay current with emerging technology and stream your event sessions to any mobile device. Whether virtual or hybrid the Attendee app can handle it all.

Digital Maps

Help attendees find where they are going with digital maps they can access right from their device. They can now plan in advance based on session location.

Knowledge Checks

Keep your attendees well informed and “in the know” by doing knowledge checks and facilitating session-specific assessments, quizzes, or even feedback surveys.


Make it easy for attendees to join in with access to virtual events on their mobile device

Social Feed and Polls

Social Feed

Interactive social feeds allow for easy networking


Use this to generate hype and build interest around a specific upcoming event or topic.


Share documents and presentations with session attendees or even send sneak peeks of presenter bios via email or announcement to generate interest.


Generate and send Polls


Learn what your audience is thinking by generating and sending polls to gauge interest.


Conducting polls can help you gather instant feedback on a specific event or subject allowing you to make any necessary adjustments where needed.

Attendee Web Portal

Create an immersive and cohesive experience for your audience with the Attendee App

Provide an interactive web portal for virtual sessions that is accessible via any internet browser. Distribute significant and valuable details about the event, sessions, and presenters with your attendees through the conference browser.


Gamification and Networking Options

Offer exciting opportunities for networking

Communicate before, during, and after

Broadcast event news and announcements on the social walls or even by email. Add gamification with scoring by social feed posts, trivia games, and prize drawings. Gather feedback from your participants with session ratings and feedback surveys.


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