Attendance Tracking and Reports

Basic Tools Included with Conference Tracker

Know Attendee Traffic Patterns and Engagement Levels


Pull reports showing all attendees and which sessions they’ve attended. Keep track of overall event attendance and individual session attendance. See which sessions are most popular and plan ahead for next time.


Maintain accurate records and reports for stakeholders and control and edit attendance logs when needed. View and share attendance reports at any time.

Automated Award of Continuing Education Credits

Credit Requirements

Save time and reduce errors by setting the number of credits for each session and customize the attendance requirements for earning that credit

Keep Track

Know who has earned continuing education credits (CE/CEUs) based on your specific attendance and comprehension assessment requirements.

Automate the Process

Stay safe and replace sign-in sheets and use your phone or another device to sign attendees in by using the device’s camera to scan badges at the door.

Designing and Printing Badges and CE/CEU Certificates

CE/CEU Certificates

Generate Professional Certificates and Print / Email Them Quickly


Use the certificate designer within Conference Tracker to customize your continuing education credits (CE/CEU) certificates to match your brand. If needed, you can save valuable time and use premade templates rather than customizing your own certificate. When finished, print or email certificates automatically with ease.

Event Badges

Customize your Badges and Enable Attendance Tracking with Scannable Badges


Design badges for attendees, presenters, staff, and more with the badge designer. Print badges by group or as attendees arrive… conference tracker knows where you left off.

Easy Self Check-in Stations

Basic Tools Included with Conference Tracker

Facilitate Safe and Quick Check-In Options


Utilize self-check-in stations for your in-person events. Stay safe during these troubling times and minimize contact as much as possible. Self-service kiosks allow you to limit staff time while keeping your distance. Simply enable on-site registration and badge printing.

Data Import & Export

Save Time and Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Import & Export data

Save time and limit data entry errors. Load contacts for marketing, attendee lists, presenters, and exhibitors using CSV imports. Import session details from another file and export reports for stakeholders and partners. Even download and share attendee lists with facilitators or exhibitors for added value.

Email Generator

Maintain communication with your attendees and others. Send emails to attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and event staff by group or individually. Make broad or targeted announcements and give instructions via email.

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